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You can discover the benefits of Ignite Intimate Gel for enhanced sexual response and better lubrication. Order Ignite Intimate gel with rainforest herbs and enjoy an improved sex life. For limited time with free postage and packaging.

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What is Ignite Intimate Gel?What is Ignite Intimate Gel?

Ignite Intimate Gel is a water-based all natural aphrodisiac gel with rainforest herbs and L-arginine to optimise sexual arousal and response in men and women.
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Our Unique Gel FormulaOur Unique Gel Formula

Intimate Gel’s special formula contains totally natural ingredients including proven herbal sex enhancers damiana and horny goat weed, with no parabens.
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Why Ignite Intimate Gel?Why Ignite Intimate Gel?

Intimate Gel elevates sex for all ages and stages; it’s for young chicks seeking peak experiences or older women wanting a libido or lubrication boost.
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Ignite GEL has increased sensitivity and gives orgasms. My wife gets really good feeling using gel, she feels exhilarated.

D. Flintoff

D. Flintoff