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snake-oilMost erection creams, gels and oils come into the same category as snake oil – promising much and delivering little.
Many contain the West African herb yohimbe which is illegal for use in Australia. But some contain L-arginine, which could have benefits, and there are new developments on the horizon with drugs used in erectile injections being marketed as topically applied erection creams or gels.
Erection creams or gels like TriMix, Vitaros and Befar contain a topical form of the ED injection drug alprostadil which they claim produces the same results as the injection without the needle.
However feedback from men on web forums who have used both the injectable and gel form of alprostadil indicates the gel is not as effective as the injection, and some men who get an erection with the injection fail to respond with the gel.
And it’s not as simple as just smoothing an erection cream on the penis. You still have to insert the preparation into the urethra, you require a prescription for it in most countries, and it is recommended you only use it three times a week, as with the injections.
And of course use of creams, gels and oils for sexual health is not just confined to men; these sexual health products can be used by women for enhancement of sexual response and to assist with vaginal lubrication, so the cream you choose may need to suit both partners

What Do Erection Creams, Gels and Oils Contain?

You need to examine the contents of erection creams gels and oils carefully. They can beerection oils, creams and gels

  • Water-based (gels only)
  • Oil-based
  • Or silicone-based

Water-based erection gels are the most desirable, as they are least likely to cause irritation or infection and are don’t cause damage to condoms, which oil-based products can do.

(Erection creams – as distinct from gels – must have some oil content to get the creamy consistency, so in general only gels can be water-based)

Oil based creams include baby oils, mineral oils, vegetable oils like olive oil, Vitamin E oil and body creams. These are typically suitable to use for masturbation of the penis, but not suitable for use in the vagina, as oil increases the risk of bacterial infections. Some people are allergic to Vitamin E so check before using.

Silicone-based creams are suitable for use with water – for example in the shower – but they are harder to wash off and may leave staining on sheets and clothing.

Side Effects of Erection Creams, Gels & Oils

Other things you need to consider when considering erection creams, gels and oils is whether the ingredients are all-natural or contain petro chemicals like parabens, propylene glycol and chlorhexidine, or a sweetener like glycerine which encourages yeast infections if you are susceptible.

Some erection creams, gels and oils do not list the ingredients so you cannot tell whether there is anything in it that is a possible hazard to you. And some may cause irritation in your partner’s genitals, particularly if they contain chemical ingredients which are not declared on the label.

Some erection creams warn they are not to be used anywhere near the mouth, so you would need to avoid oral sex when using them.

Ignite Intimate Gel is one water-based gel which is all-natural, guaranteed to contain no parabens or petro-chemical by-products or glycerine.

Erection Gels Differ From Erection Creams

The ingredients in erection gels for erectile dysfunction are very similar to erection creams, they just have a different “jelly-like” composition. They work exactly as you’d imagine, by rubbing the erection gel into the skin of the penis, (or into the vagina and clitoris) except for the pharmaceutical-based gels which require an applicator to insert the preparation into the urethra.

fast - erection creams, gels, oils

Erection gels are touted as working even faster than drugs like Viagra or Cialis.

Some that are available on the web include vazogel,Hercules mens gel, prosolution and Ignite Intimate Gel – which enhances sexual response but does not claim to promote erections by itself. However it is highly effective when used as a complement to Herbal Ignite capsules for erectile dysfunction.

Erection Gels Containing Pharmaceuticals

In Australia the TriMix gel is available on prescription from compounding pharmacies.You could ask your doctor whether an alprostadil gel is suitable for you.

The guidelines for use of erectile injections apply to erection gels containing topical alprostadil alone or in combination.

These guidelines include the requirement that they be

  • Used only three times a week
  • Not within 48 hours
  • Caution advised if you suffer from low blood pressure or have had a heart attack
  • Possible side effects include a burning sensation (caused by the increase in blood flow) urinary tract pain, headaches and dizziness.

Advantages of Erection Creams, Gels and Oils

  • Said to work within secondsalcohol - drunk cat - erection creams, gels and oils
  • Supposedly erections are harder and larger than normal
  • Not influenced by level of alcohol in blood
  • Apparently not influenced by stress or anxiety
  • Due to the ease of application, and speed of the product,it may be more help with ‘unexpected situations’ than pharmaceuticals, which usually require at least half an hour to kick in.
  • Although some claim instant results, others (Vazogel) say they need to be applied 30 minutes before sex.

Disadvantages of Erection Creams, Gels and Oils

  • A topically applied solution is usually less effective than an oral capsule or an injection
  • It is unclear in many cases exactly what they contain and anything that works that fast may be adulterated with undeclared pharmaceutical ingredients – with unknown possible side effects.
  • May cause irritation and skin reaction from some of the ingredients
  • May cause inflammation in your partner’s genitals
  • With the drug-based preparations all of the possible side effects related to erectile injections apply – these include a burning sensation, urinary tract pain, headaches, dizziness, flu-like symptoms and heart palpitations.
  • Drug-based preparations can only be used safely three times a week and not within 48 hours
  • Very expensive. Single tubes are usually priced in three figures, and they’re small and will only last for a couple of applications.
  • Most are not water-based and cannot be used with condoms, as they quickly degrade latex.
  • Some cannot be taken anywhere near the mouth so oral sex is a “no-no”
  • In the end it’s only a ‘quick fix’ for a long term problem

A Better Answer for Erectile Dysfunction

While erection creams and gels can work as a temporary reprieve for erectile dysfunction, there are other natural products which will get to the root of the problem and give you longer lasting results—so you don’t have to worry about fiddling around with a tube just before sex each time! For more info click here.

Jenny Wheeler