Do Creams For Erectile Dysfunction Work?

Creams for erectile dysfunction range from totally useless to scientifically proven. Some – mostly those available on prescription through your doctor – will aid erections. These mainly have an ED drug call alprostadil, a drug used for erectile dysfunction injections.

However some feedback from men on web forums suggests they do not find the gel or cream as effective as the injection.

L-Arginine in Ignite Gel
Creams or gels containing a new amino acid called L-arginine may prove of benefit, however most of the research on L-arginine as a sexual enhancer is when taken orally as a dietary supplement. L-arginine is approved for topical application in Australia, and is one of the ingredients found in Ignite Intimate Gel.

Beware Yohimbe
Creams with herbal formulas which are not fully declared on the label can cause problems and prove ineffective. Some are adulterated with undeclared drugs, and others contain an West African herb called yohimbe which is not approved for use in Australia because of possibly dangerous side effects.

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