How Do Creams Work For Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction creams vary from fraudulent to effective depending on their ingredients, so it is worth researching their contents carefully. In general men report topically applied creams are less effective than the same ingredients taken in capsule form or injected in promoting erections.

Most erection creams work by increasing blood flow to the penis. A PDE1 inhibitor drug called alprostadil used in penile injections has been developed in a topical application under a number of different brand names.

Encourages Blood Flow
The PDE1 inhibitor – a variant on the PDE5 inhibitors found in Viagra and other ED drugs – relaxes smooth muscle in the penile wall, allowing better blood flow to the penis.

However comment on men’s websites indicates it is not as effective as when injected, and you still need an applicator to apply it via the urethra – it is not just smoothed on the skin.

Other erectile creams may contain sildenafil, the active ingredient in Viagra, or L-arginine, an amino acid which is having good results as a sexual enhancer.

Yohimbe Warning
Some herbal creams contain a West African herb call Yohimbe which is prohibited for use in Australia.

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