How Do Gels Work For Erectile Dysfunction?

If a gel is going to work for erectile dysfunction it must contain some kind of active ingredient which will increase blood flow to the penis, as this is the most direct and immediate way to ensure erections.

The various active ingredients in gels for erectile dysfunction will all enable better penile blood flow to help erections occur.

Erectile dysfunction drugs contain PDE inhibitors: either a PDE1 inhibitor like alprostadil, or a PDE5 inhibitor like sildenafil (the active in Viagra). These work by relaxing the smooth muscle in the penile wall to allow increased blood flow.

Herbs like horny goat weed contain natural PDE5 inhibitors and have a similar vasilodilatory action.

L-arginine, found in Ignite Intimate Gel, increases blood flow by increasing nitric oxide in the blood – causing blood vessels to widen.