Lubricant Gel

Lubricant Gel

engine lubricant - lubricant gelWhat does a lubricant gel do? Exactly what a lubricant does—reduce friction and increase comfort! Also known as sex gels, they have medical as well as personal uses. For example, your doctor will use it to minimize your discomfort during a vaginal or rectal examination. Similarly, you may (choose to) use it during sexual intercourse to enhance sexual pleasure. Personal gels are typically clear and odourless, with a slightly thicker consistency than water to provide maximum comfort.

Why Do Women Buy Lubricant Gels?

Lubricant gels are widely used for personal purposes. Women usually purchase them for two main lubrican gelsreasons:

  • To combat vaginal dryness
  • To use during sexual intercourse
  • To reduce vaginal wall tearing and inflammation

However, most women are not aware of the best lubricant for them and may not be aware of the choice available. Remember, the wrong lubricant can not only result in discomfort but also chronic infections.

What are the Different Types of Lubricant Gels?

Sex lubricant can be broadly classified into oil-based, silicone-based, and water-based lubricant gels.

a) Oil-Based Lubricant Gels

oil based - lubricant gelOil-based lubricant gels can provide good lubrication. However, experts do not recommend these for vaginal use. This is because oil-based sex lubricants, especially petroleum-based ones, have been known to cause tears in latex condoms. Also, they can cause the condoms to slip off during intercourse. So, if you really don’t want any unintended results, you might want to stay away from oil-based lubricants and leave them for the men to use.

b) Silicon-Based Lubricant Gels

Silicon-based sex gels are safe for use with latex condoms, and are extremely moisturizing, long-lasting, and great for massages. However, they are usually very expensive, difficult to clean up, and taste (!) very bad. If you use soap and water to clean up, it may even leave a residual coating. It is also possible that such gels may contain chemicals that have potential health risks, including allergic reactions. So, if you are not really into the messy business, stay away from these sex gels too.

c) Water-Based Lubricant Gels

Very safe for use with latex condoms, water-based gels are the ‘gold-standard’ when it comes to water based - lubricant gellubricants. They are the best choice for people with sensitive skin and are great for vaginal intercourse and manual play.

But, be careful when you select a water-based lubricant gel. It is very important that you buy a gel that is free of parabens. These are a group of chemicals that have been linked to some forms of cancer. So, always opt for a paraben-free water-based gel to ignite your passions!

What Should You Do Before Applying a Lubricant Gel?

Lubricants are often applied to very sensitive areas of the body. Therefore, it is very important that both partners do a patch test before trying out a new lubricant. Rub a small amount on the inside of your elbow and leave it on for 24 hours. If any redness or irritation occurs, sorry, that lube is just not for you.

Jenny Wheeler