Personal Gel

Personal Gels and Lubricants

If you’ve never considered using a personal gel to give your love life an extra dimension, now is the timepersonal-gel-ignite-intimate-gel-dynamic to step out and try Ignite Intimate Gel, a water-based all-natural aphrodisiac personal lubricant with rainforest herbs and L-arginine to optimise sexual arousal and response in men and women.

Great for both men and women, personal gels like Ignite Intimate Gel aid natural lubrication and enhance love making because of energising South American “love potion” herbs, used for sexual arousal in traditional herbal medicine for thousands of years.

Personal Gels As Bedside Aid

perfect aid - personal gelIgnite Intimate Gel is a personal gel that helps ensure you are always “ready for sex” despite daily stresses or physical changes from hormonal imbalance that can shut down sexual response.

No matter what age or stage, Ignite Intimate Gel is the perfect bedside aid for better love making.

Many younger women find a personal gel adds extra excitement and helps overcome the side effects of oral contraceptives, while older women dealing with vaginal dryness from menopausal hormonal imbalance find a personal gel helps them regain peak experience.

How Do Personal Lubricants Work?

If you are wondering what is an intimate gel and how can it improve my sex life you need look no further. Lubricant gels have grown in popularity over the last few years as women of all ages discover they can add a special something to sex. peruvian herbs - personal gel

Most sex lubricants serve just one purpose – and that’s to lubricate. Ignite Intimate Gel not only complements natural lubrication, but the formula’s Peruvian herbs and exciting new sexually enhancing amino acid L-arginine ensure it also heightens sexual arousal and response.

Benefits of Personal Gels

The benefits of using a personal lubricant include:

  • Help natural lubrication
  • Can increase sexual satisfaction
  • Can optimise sexual response and orgasm
  • Can help boost libido
  • Some are totally natural – gentle on skin, no irritation

But you need to check out the lube’s contents to ensure you are getting a personal lubricant which offers all of these benefits. Some contain mineral oils and chemical by-products which can cause vaginal irritation and damage condoms.

Personal Lubricant Ingredients

It’s important though to choose a personal lubricant which is water-based, not oil-based to ensure it does not cause condom damage or skin irritation. Silicone-based lubricants can be used in the shower because they do not wash off easily – but they also can stain sheets and towels. Natural lubricants have become more popular as customers develop a preference for non-chemical products.water based - personal gel

Doctors and sexual health workers generally recommend water-based lubricants because they wash out and off of the body easier.

Water based lubricants vary in terms of how thin or thick the solution is, and it’s very much a matter of personal preference which works best for you. Most people find one they like and continue using it.

Many personal lubricants contain preservatives that discerning users may want to stay away from, like parabens from petro chemicals. There are now a range of personal lubricants available which are parabens-free and also totally organic.

How long a personal gel works for before it dries on the skin varies from individual to individual and the lubricant chosen. (Water-based lubricants will reactivate if moistened with water.)

Why Not Try A Personal Gel Now?

Personal lubricants can add fizz to your sex life as well as make everything happen a lot more easily. A few drops on either partner can made things move much more smoothly if a woman isn’t producing quite enough natural lubrication. Check out Tips for using Ignite Intimate Gel for more detailed information on playful ways to get the most out of personal gels. Or order online and discover a new sense of excitement and fun in your loving.

Jenny Wheeler