Valentine’s Tips For Men


The Valentines Tips For Men To Show Women They Care

Sydney sex expert Dr Rosie King is not kidding when she says women enjoy sex best when it’s been preceded by 23 and a half hours of foreplay. It’s a dramatic way of saying that everything that happens in a woman’s day affects how switched on for sex she will be at night.

That’s because everything that happens affects her capacity for desire and arousal; buying her a sex toy, risqué lingerie or a soft porn video are not going to turn her into a sex kitten if you’ve haven’t talked to her for a week!

The Virtual Love Bank

Switched on men know that the best way to get a loving response from their woman is to build intimacy with frequent and regular affectionate gestures. One way to do it is to imagine a virtual Love Bank. You make regular deposits – in everyday actions that show you appreciate and value her.

When it comes time to make withdrawals from the Love Bank, life will be a whole lot sweeter if you’re in credit.  Here are some typical Love Bank deposits you might consider. Many won’t cost much, but will pay off for a life time.

Show Your Woman You Care

  •  Take her to a movie of her choice
  •  Surprise her with flowers
  •  Clean her car
  •  Book an overnight special at a nice hotel
  •  Load the dishwasher without being asked
  •  Suggest lunch in the country
  •  Rent her favourite movie and watch it with her
  •  Give her a foot and shoulder massage
  •  Praise something she has done in front of friends
  •  Compliment her on her appearance
  •  Buy bubble bath or shower gel in a fragrance she loves
  •  Cuddle on the sofa without expecting sex
  •  Book a weekend at a spa or winery
  •  Ask her how her day went and LISTEN
  •  Browse a book, music or home decorating store together
  •  Go for a midnight beach walk
  •  Breakfast in Bed
  •  Kiss her in the moonlight
  •  Think of something she’d really like and do it

Ignite Intimate Gel For Better Sex

Ignite Intimate Gel may be just the thing to help enhance your sexual encounters – but don’t expect it to be the be-all and end-all if you haven’t followed some of the suggestions for warming things up. If you have, this will be just the icing on the cake!

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