What does Ignite Intimate Gel contain?

The proprietary formula from trusted sexual health products company Intenza NZ Ltd includes proven herbal sex enhancers.
·         L-arginine, a newly discovered sexual stimulant which clinical studies have shown lifts libido and increases both the quality of sexual sensations and frequency of orgasm
·         L-arginine increases blood flow to the genitals enhancing arousal
·         71 per cent of the women in one arginine study reported increased sexual desire as well as feeling happier with their sex lives.

These ingredients are presented in a smooth gel selected to ensure purity, with no irritating side effects.
Ignite Intimate Gel is guaranteed free of all petro chemical by-products, parabens and mineral oils.

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Made in  New Zealand with only natural ingredients, Ignite Intimate Gel’s powerful aphrodisiac formula will boost sex drive, and enhance genital bloodflow, sexual response, lubrication and orgasms.  Experience the benefits of Ignite Intimate Gel’s unique herbal formulation – with free delivery. Discover the difference in your love life today!