What is Erectile Dysfunction Cream?

Erectile dysfunction cream is as you would imagine a cream may produce a better erection.

Erection creams range from totally fakes to proven pharmaceutical formulas. Selecting one that suits you depends on being wary of bombastic promises on some web sites and taking good advice.

Different Types of Erection Creams
The main categories for erection creams are:

  1. Pharmaceutical creams requiring a prescription and containing an ED drug like alprostadil.
  2. Creams containing a new amino acid L-arginine which has been found to have benefits for better erections.
  3. Herbal and other erection creams available on the web which may be adulterated with undeclared ingredients including yohimbe which is prohibited in Australia.

For detailed information on erection creams see Erection Creams – the Good the Bad and the Ugly.