What is Intimate Gel?

What is Intimate Gel?

dryness relief - what is intimate gel?Intimate gel, or personal gel as it is sometimes called, is a welcome solution for the issue of vaginal dryness which can occur in women at very different ages and stages of life.

Although often associated with menopausal hormonal imbalance in the middle years, women who take oral contraceptives, antibiotics or anti-fungal drugs can also feel the side effects of these preparations in terms of sexual discomfort. And some of the drugs used to treat cancer can also have the same un-invited side effect of vaginal dryness and difficulty in completing intercourse.

Intimacy gels come in many different forms, from prescription-required pharmaceutical creams which may also treat candidiasis, to supermarket sex lubricants which supplement natural lubrication, to more comprehensive boutique gels which lubricate and also enhance sexual arousal and response.

The purpose of all intimate gels is to ease sexual interaction and improve the quality of the relationship for both men and women. And most intimacy gels can be used by both men and women as a love aid to add fizz and fun to their sexual fulfilment.

Types of Intimate Gels

water recommended by experts - what is intimate gel?Intimate gels generally can be oil, water or silicone based. Doctors and sexual health experts generally recommend water-based intimate gels because they are easily washed off, are safe to use with any type of condom, and do not promote skin irritation or bacterial infections.

Water-based gels can rehydrate tissue (which oil-based ones won’t) but oil-based personal lubricants can also be used for more general body massage for which water-based personal lubricants are not so suited.Oil based gels can damage latex condoms and also may cause irritation in delicate areas.If you are vulnerable to yeast infections, some therapists recommend avoiding glycerine as an ingredient, because as a sweet solution glycerine may feed yeast naturally occurring in the vaginal canal.If you wish to use an intimacy gel in the bath or shower, a silicone one is probably the best as they do not wash off as easily – but may stain bathroom linen.

The Pros and Cons of Different Types of Intimate Gels

intimate gels table - what is intimate gel?

Using Intimate Gels

Intimacy gels can be used by both partners before love making to ease the physical aspects of sex. Find an intimate gel you both enjoy and integrate it into your foreplay as a way of pleasuring each other and adding to the sense of give and take.

what is intimate gel?

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