Why Ignite Intimate Gel?

Ignite Intimate Gel is a personal care product that help ensure better readiness for special intimate moments. It can assure you are “ready for sex” despite daily stress – rather than having to wait for your body to catch up with good intentions.

Intimate Gel is suited for use by both men and women at any age and stage, but is especially useful post-menopause when the vaginal wall may thin and lubrication doesn’t readily occur. Used sensitively the gel can add a sense of play and affection to love making.

Formulated by Dr Fernanda da Silva Tatley, a Ph. D. in medical microbiology with 30 years of scientific experience, and hand crafted in New Zealand from imported and local ingredients, Ignite Intimate Gel is an all-natural gel guaranteed free of parabens made under Good Manufacturing Practice requirements.

From trusted sexual health company Intenza NZ Ltd, Ignite Intimate Gel can be successfully used as a complement to Herbal Ignite for Men and Ignite for Women capsules for maximum benefits.

What Women Say About Ignite Intimate Gel

Here’s what some of the women who use Ignite Intimate Gel report:

“I am feeling much more relaxed, my mood is better and I am much more responsive in the sex department.” – Trish, Wellington.

“We’ve always had a very good sex life – but it’s been even better with this product.” – Sandy, Queenstown.

“Lubrication was excellent.” – Joy, Napier.

“Ignite GEL has increased sensitivity and gives orgasms. My wife gets really good feeling using gel, she feels exhilarated.” – D. Flintoff

New Ignite Intimate Gel: The Ultimate Feel Good Boost for Your Sex Life

Ignite intimate gel is an all-natural aphrodisiac for men and women. It improves sex drive, sexual response and orgasms, and enhances lubrication.

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